Financial Modeling


Financial models are important tools that businesses use to make decisions. They help you understand the financial impact of different choices and guide your plans for the future. We can help you get the most out of your financial model by analyzing it from an accounting and tax perspective, which will make it even more useful for decision-making.

A solid financial model will show if a company requires additional funds, as well as how a company will react to various financial situations or changes in market conditions

Why Should You Consider a Financial Model?

A financial model is typically used to forecast the financial statements of a company being positioned for sale, or in some cases, a company looking for investors. The model is used by investors, corporate acquirers, and banks to assess the merit of a potential transaction and to determine if a deal is really worth pursuing.

Some areas a financial model can be used for include

Why do you need us?

Do you have reliable and robust tools to critically appraise the opportunity?

Are your modeling forecasts built using the core value drivers of the business?

Does your modeling enable analysis for key operational, commercial, and financing sensitivities applicable to key stakeholders?

Does your model have good documentation so that someone else could operate it if your key modeler was unavailable?

Is your model easy to understand?

Is your model quick to update and does it develop with the deal?

Have your financing arrangements been fully integrated into your financial model to enable sufficient cash and covenant analysis?

Has your model appropriately incorporated the updated accounting standards and tax regulations to tell the impact on the financial statement?

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Support Strategy

Our financial model can help you in the decision-making process and serves as a useful tool in various business situations. We assist and advise on:

Budgeting and management forecasting

Cash flow forecasting

Management and board reporting

Cash and working capital management

Strategic planning and forecasting

Actual Vs forecast reports for variance analysis

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